Delivery available after 4PM

Garson $7.00

Falconbridge $7.00

New Sudbury $7.00

Coniston $9.00

Minnow Lake $9.00

Airport $9.00

Skead $10.00

Wahnapitae $10.00



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  • We prepare party foods for Garson, Falconbridge, Coniston, New Sudbury, Skead and Minnow Lake in a very affordable price.
  • We have been working on large parties and special occasions for corporations and family for years and we can cater to your needs in Wedding party, Family Reunion, Graduation Dinners, Sports Gatherings, Festive Celebration and more.........

 Please call (705) 693 - 2749 or Send your request to  about  your questions or comments.

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