Delivery available after 4PM

Garson $5.00

Falconbridge $6.00

New Sudbury $6.00

Coniston $7.00

Minnow Lake $7.00

Airport $7.00

Skead $8.00

Wahnapitae $8.00 



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Starting from 1st Nov 2003, we are going to sell

Shrimp Dumpling -- (Har Gard)蝦餃

Pork Dumpling –(Pork Shiu Ma)豬肉燒賣

Beef Dumpling with water chestnuts—(Kon Chin Nga Yuk)干蒸牛肉

Crisp Bean Curd Roll—(Shin Joke Guin)鮮竹卷

Only $ 3.99 for four of the same kind



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